The French Thomas Dubost along with two other pilots, will be the first to start this Monday, November 12 at 8:00 am from the paddock located in the estuary Marga for the 93rd version of the Six Days to be held until Saturday 17 in Viña del Mar.

The first Chilean to do so will be the captain of the team, Gabriel Balut, who will do so in the 12th box. Later, Leonardo Quintanilla (39th), Diego Rojas (40th) and Benjamín Herrera (63rd). The participants will leave three in three, every one minute, until 10:36, which will be the last trio.
This Sunday the Chilean pilots did not rest, because the four adults, plus the three juveniles, went to one last route for the specials next to the captain of the selected Josue Smith.
«The team as a whole is in very good physical and mental conditions to face this tough race. The biggest difficulty will be the dust, because the trails and routes are very dry, «explained Josue Smith.
The 446 pilots confirmed for the start will have to face six intense days of racing in a unique competition in the world where skill and skill are combined in specials between 21 and 37 kilometers per day, but with the links will travel 1,348.5 kilometers total .
The favorites to win the general are several, standing out among them Andrea Verona (Italy), Matteo Cavallo (Italy), Christophe Charlier (France), Alex Salvini (Italy), Thomas Oldrati (Italy), Cristóbal Guerrero (Spain), Robert Taylor (United States), Christophe Nambotin (France), Daniel Milner (Australia) and Daniel Sanders (Australia).
The Specials of stage 1 are: Pantanal (7.8 km), Valle Alegre (5 km) and Dunlop (6 km) which has a route of 18.8 km. which will be covered twice to complete 37.6 km. With the links, the competitors will add a total distance of 287.8 Kms.
Source: Press: Alexis Vásquez / Juan Esteban Lastra